The American criminal justice system currently allows for bench or jury trials. Currently, if a person does not respond to a jury summons, a person could be held in "contempt of court" and be fined and/or sent to jail.

We advocate the following:

A.The abolition of the current practice of forced jury duty; we favor all-volunteer juries.

B. All juries, in actions to which the government is a party, shall be instructed that they have the right to judge not only the facts of the case, but also the justice of the law.

C. Juries may hold all laws invalid that are, according to their conscience, unjust, and find no violation of such laws.

D. Jurors, rather than the judge, should set the sentence for a guilty offender up to the maximum allowed by law.

E. All jury trial findings shall be by unanimous decision, except that the parties to an action or proceeding may consent to a verdict by a majority of the panel.