We call for complete deregulation of the insurance industry, including abolition of the Department of Insurance and the office of Insurance Commissioner. Government has no right to set or approve insurance rates, force insurance companies to write any particular lines of insurance, or regulate who may sell insurance or found an insurance company.

We oppose government-mandated insurance, including automobile liability insurance. Failure to obtain insurance, however, does not relieve drivers from responsibility to pay restitution to the victims of their actions. We oppose no-fault insurance laws, which represent an attempt to relieve people of responsibility for their own actions.
We oppose regulations that would force insurance companies to adopt “community rating” and raise prices for low-risk customers in order to artificially subsidize high-risk customers.

We advocate the freedom of all individuals to engage in voluntary informed consent agreements which do not violate the rights of third parties. We therefore oppose any government-imposed standards which require or restrict the right of insurance companies or employers who contract them to use genetic or other screening and/or testing methods.

We also oppose state unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and state disability insurance, which are hidden taxes and grossly inequitable. If these benefits are part of an employment agreement, they must be voluntary between employer and employee, and be purchased through the free market.