We hold that all individuals have rights as human beings, not merely as citizens of a particular country. We defend the rights of citizens and noncitizens of the U.S. to seek work, trade, and live within this country and the right of employers to freely hire workers – individuals should not be constrained in the crossing of political boundaries, as the unrestricted movement of people and financial capital across national borders are important for economic freedom, political freedom, and a vibrant free-market economy.
Therefore, we support:
A. The right of private property owners to restrict people from trespassing on their property and their right to provide sanctuary to persons who face arrest or deportation as immigrants.
B. An end to mandatory reporting by employers of their employees' nationalities.
C. An end to the practice of fining employers who hire undocumented immigrants and any requirement that those employers forfeit their assets to the government.
D. An end to wholesale dragnets that round up undocumented immigrants or others from their homes or workplaces.
In addition, we oppose:
A. Any government mandate that employees in California must carry identification cards or papers.
B. The use of the California National Guard or the U.S. military to control California's border with Mexico.
C. The construction of a fence or wall along the U.S. border.
D. The payment of welfare benefits to noncitizens and citizens alike.