We hold that all human beings have rights, not merely the citizens of a particular country. Although private owners have the right to restrict others from trespassing on their property, government restrictions on the liberty of travel, residence, and employment, such as immigration and emigration laws, mandatory identification papers, and work permits, are violations of human rights, and we call for their abolition.

Therefore, we:

  1. oppose mandatory reporting by employers of their employees’ nationalities.
  2. oppose fining employers who hire so-called illegal aliens.
  3. oppose wholesale dragnets that round up immigrants and other people from their homes or workplaces.
  4. oppose any requirement that a first-time applicant for a driver license must show proof of legal residency.
  5. oppose any requirement that employers who hire so-called illegal aliens forfeit their assets to the government.
  6. oppose any requirement that all employees in California must carry an identification card.
  7. oppose the use of the California National Guard or the U.S. military to control California’s border with Mexico.
  8. oppose the construction of a fence or wall along the U. S. border.

We defend the rights of noncitizens of the U. S. to seek work, trade, and live within this country, just as we defend current citizens when they wish to exercise these same rights. We oppose attempts to violate the rights of so-called illegal aliens because they receive the benefit of certain government programs. In any conflict between rights and programs, we support abolition of the government program and affirmation of individual rights. Most people come to this country to work, not to collect welfare; nevertheless, we oppose welfare payments to them just as we oppose welfare payments to all other persons.

We uphold the right of private property owners to provide sanctuary to persons who face
arrest and deportation as aliens, and we applaud those who offer such sanctuary.