Health Care

The health and physical well-being of individuals is a matter of personal choice and responsibility. We recognize the right of individuals to make decisions about all aspects of their medical care including insurance coverage, health providers, medicines, treatments, and end-of-life decisions. We favor free-market health care solutions and believe the government should not be involved in regulating, funding, or subsidizing medical care or the delivery of health care – we advocate for the removal of government mandates and interference with competition, price transparency, and consumer choice in healthcare markets.

Therefore, we support:

A. An end to government licensing and certification requirements for the practice of medicine and advocate private certifications, which will increase competition and promote patient education and safety.

B. An end to all government restrictions – by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or state and local agencies – on the use of medicines or medical treatments, the selection and practice of unorthodox medical procedures, the practice of lay midwifery and planned out-of-hospital births, or the availability of sterile needles.

C. The repeal of regulations that discourage the development of privately-funded medical facilities, such as women's health clinics and free-standing birth centers.

D. The repeal of laws that force doctors and other health care professionals to report the affairs or medical records of their patients to the government.

E. An end to government subsidies to, and regulation of, all schools of medicine, nursing, and the allied health care professions.

F. Tax breaks not only for employer-provided health plans – whose value is not currently taxed as income – but also individual tax credits so that families and individuals can choose their own health plans.