Freedom of Expression

While we do not advocate the desecration of the national or state flag, we oppose any laws prohibiting the desecration of any flag and we oppose any constitutional amendment giving federal, state or local government the power to enact such laws. However, we do support the property rights of flag owners.

The United States Supreme Court has held that each community has the power to censor distribution of materials considered to be obscene according to “community standards.” We hold that obscenity is a matter of individual taste and that government should not prohibit something merely because some people are offended by it.

We support the repeal of all laws restricting or controlling the right of adults to make, distribute, possess or view sexually explicit motion pictures, publications and other materials. We also support the repeal of all laws prohibiting the electronic receipt of such materials.

We oppose the policy of relegating protesters and demonstrators to so-called free speech zones purportedly for security reasons but which in reality are actually used to insulate officials from criticism.

We deplore the practice of government invasion of newsrooms, or the premises of any other non-suspect third parties, such as lawyers, doctors and psychiatrists, in the name of law enforcement.

We condemn court orders prohibiting press and electronic media coverage of criminal proceedings. In addition, the media should not be prohibited from communicating with prisoners, without due process.

We support the complete deregulation of television, radio, cable, the Internet and all other forms of communication.

Since we favor application of the First Amendment to public entities, while upholding the right of private enterprises to make their own rules governing their own property, we oppose the enactment―colleges and universities that are primarily tax-funded―speech codes that ban language that is deemed offensive.

Government proposals to finance and control political campaigns are an encroachment upon freedom of expression. These proposals limit financial support of campaigns for candidates or issues, and thus restrict the individual’s ability to express political views.

We oppose any government action that permits political activities in violation of private property rights, such as the circulation of petitions in private shopping malls against the wishes of the owners.