Family Life

Governments at all levels are intruding on the integrity of families and households. We support the rights of families and households as contractual institutions to be free of government interference. Such governmental interference has undermined the value of families and households as cultural institutions of love, nurture, companionship, kinship, and personal development by forcing families and households to conform to rigid, inflexible design. Moreover, we condemn the usurpation by government of activities long carried on by families and households. This usurpation is accomplished through “morals laws,” youth curfews, government welfare programs, child protection services, and public schools. We further accuse government of designing educational programs that place civic and moral education under the control of politicians, and of designing welfare laws that destroy families and households.

We call for the repeal of all family leave laws, since they interfere with the rights of employers and employees to enter into voluntary employment contracts.