California’s energy crises are caused by the state’s interference in energy markets. We support:

  1. The creation of free markets for all energy types through the repeal of all government controls over energy prices to consumers and costs to distributors.
  2. The right of persons to build, own or use refineries, pipelines, power generation units, or any other asset, as long as they don’t violate the rights of others.
  3. The abolition of the federal Department of Energy and the California Public Utilities Commission and their component agencies, without the transfer of their powers elsewhere in government.
  4. Privatizing all government-owned energy assets such as the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, the power marketing agencies, and mineral-bearing onshore and off-shore lands.

We oppose:

  1. The refusal of government agencies to permit the development of energy sources located on government-held land.
  2. Any government requirements intended solely to conserve energy, such as artificially-low speed limits, subsidies for insulation, and preferential treatment for users of “alternative” energy sources.
  3. Any taxes on energy producers.
  4. Implementation by California of federal programs for coercive government control of energy production, distribution or use.