Election Reform

We oppose the Top Two voting system in California which disenfranchises voters who support alternative parties, and call for its repeal.

The selection of a candidate by a political party is a matter in which the State has no legitimate interest.
We therefore oppose the system of tax-financed primary elections and call for the nomination of all candidates without governmental supervision or intervention, as a private matter involving only the members of the party concerned.

We also oppose laws which forbid partisan political designations in local elections and, at the state level, for the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.

We further oppose all proposals to regulate the broadcasting of election results, and all laws governing the broadcast coverage of campaigns, including the fairness doctrine, the equal time rule, and the reasonable access provision.

We oppose any limitation on the amount of money an individual, group, or corporation can spend supporting any candidate or ballot issue on the federal, state, or local level. We also oppose the public financing of election campaigns and the mandatory reporting of campaign donations and expenditures.

We support the right of any political party to nominate or endorse the candidates of its choosing for public office, even when those candidates are the nominees or endorsees of another political party or parties.

To avoid fraud and manipulation, we oppose direct record electronic voting systems that do not use a voter-verified paper ballot as the ballot of count, recount, audit and record.

We support a voting system that is open, transparent and auditable with which each individual can verify at the time of voting that his or her vote has been correctly recorded and with which the public can verify that the votes have been correctly counted.

The ballot choice in California elections does not always offer a true difference of philosophy between candidates. The electorate often has no positive feelings toward any candidate, but, on the contrary, often has distinctly negative feelings toward all candidates.

Therefore, the Libertarian Party of California endorses:

  1. Placing on all election ballots, beneath each election office, the option “none of the above is acceptable.”
  2. The provision that any elective office remain vacant if the category “none of the above is acceptable” receives a plurality of votes, until a subsequent election to fill the office is held.

We call for the abolition of the State Constitutional Office of Lieutenant Governor, which has no real purpose.