We support the right of private citizens and organizations to rightfully acquire natural resources for the purpose of conservation. However, the desire to conserve natural resources is not a valid excuse for the violation of individual rights, and we therefore oppose such violations.

We oppose government-mandated conservation. Conservation should be the choice of the owners of private property. We therefore advocate:

  1. That methods be devised for the transference to private ownership of all currently unowned and government-held property, including waterways and airspace.
  2. That conservationists buy areas or resources they wish to conserve.
  3. The repeal of laws mandating the recycling of waste products and laws offering government loans to finance recycling plants.
  4. That laws providing for governmental protection of endangered species be repealed, allowing private wildlife groups and private conservancy funds to assume responsibility for such efforts.
  5. That all conservation laws controlling or regulating the use, development, sale, or production of resources – e.g., land, minerals and woodlands – be repealed.
  6. That private deed restrictions be the method of choice to conserve natural resources for future generations.