Alcohol and Tobacco

We oppose the regulation of alcoholic beverages by the State of California. Specifically, we oppose setting a drinking age or using zoning or land use laws to restrict the placement of bars or liquor stores. We also oppose road blocks that stop and detain sober motorists on public roads. Private road owners should be free to exclude alcohol abusers or others from their roads for safety or other reasons.

We oppose the efforts of the State of California trying to discourage tobacco use, that use being an individual right. And further we oppose any further state litigation against tobacco companies, support the repeal of all tobacco taxes and the end of all state-funded advertising to convince people to adopt non-smoking lifestyles. Instead, private groups and individuals are welcome to promote their viewpoints.

We support the right of employers and business owners to decide rules for smoking at their businesses and properties, without government involvement.

We oppose current attempts to ban e-cigarettes or vaping, as well as any attempts to raise the smoking age to 21.