Libertarianism 101

Libertarians strongly oppose any government interference into their personal, family, and business decisions. Essentially, we believe all Americans should be free to live their lives and pursue their interests as they see fit as long as they do no harm to another.

Founded in 1971, we run many hundred of candidates every election cycle. These candidates seek positions ranging from City Council to President of the United States. Each of these candidates helps to give liberty a voice.

With most Americans feeling alienated by the political process and frustrated with the two historical parties, the Republicans and Democrats, the Libertarian Party offers the way forward for those who value liberty.

1. Libertarianism began as a philosophy

Before libertarianism was a political movement, it was a philosophy. It was born from the understanding that individual social, political, and economic freedom was the cornerstone of prosperity. Today, (“little l”) libertarianism still guides (“big L”) Libertarians. Over the centuries, that philosophy has been refined to a few principles that guide Libertarians:

  • Non-aggression principle: Coercion or force against an individual or their property is morally wrong.
  • Individual autonomy: Each person knows what is best for themselves, and should be allowed to pursue their own self-interest.
  • The government should be as small and local as possible: Where government is necessary, it should operate with limited powers.
  • Free trade: Individuals and businesses operating honestly and in good faith should be allowed to exchange goods, services, and money as they wish.

Libertarians support personal choice, freedom from coercion, and the empowerment of the individual against the government.

2. The current system is broken

Whether they are supported by large donors, organized labor unions, crony capitalists, media outlets, or political machines that most people do not see, the two major political parties in the United States will prioritize their supporters before average Americans. History and politicization have convinced many that America is destined to be a two-party state. But the duopoly hasn’t worked for most Americans.  In just this century, we’ve seen:

  • Instability caused by the use of short-lived executive orders and retributive politics
  • Destructive spending of our taxpayer money to fund unnecessary pet projects or channel money for political support
  • A widening division of Americans with progressives and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats, each questioning the other side’s motives
  • Encroachment into the personal and professional lives of well-meaning Americans

Libertarians give individuals a choice between politics as usual and a new way forward.

3. Libertarianism is growing

Libertarian ideas are resonating with Americans. As voters begin demanding changes to antiquated laws that control speech, behavior and commerce, we’ve seen freedom making headway. This pace is likely to accelerate as more and more Americans grow tired of the failed promises of Republicans and Democrats. It is only a matter of time before Libertarians surpass one of the two major parties, and ceases to be a third party. In the last decade, we’ve seen the following developments across many states:

  • Gay marriage legalization
  • Marijuana decriminalization
  • Weakening mandatory labor unions
  • Greater scrutiny of subsidies
  • More school choice
  • Renewed interest in protecting privacy

America thrives when individuals are free to pursue their own interests. 

4. We’re the party that fights for you. 

Every day at the local, state, and federal level, libertarians are working to get the government out of your life and restore your future to its rightful owner – you. Every American deserves the promises enshrined in the constitution – the right to life, liberty, and property – without the interference of government. To list a few of our major goals:

  • You deserve to keep more of your hard-earned money, which is why we support the reduction or elimination of taxes
  • You deserve to make your own choices regarding what’s best for your life, so we fight to reduce the size and scope of government.
  • We believe that honesty and transparency are essential for a prosperous country, which is why we seek to protect all from force and fraud.
  • We believe rights are guaranteed should be guaranteed rather than subject to the whims of the state. So we support the removal of limits on personal freedom.

We need your help to continue the great progress the Libertarian Party has made in recent years.

We’ve continued to see support and interest in the Libertarian Party grow, especially in the last decade. Millions of Americans are tired of having their rights trampled by politicians, many of which weren’t elected but rather delegated power. You’re tired of paying taxes for precious little to show for it. You’re tired of being told what you cannot say, do, or consume. You’re angry about a privileged political class telling you what’s best.You’re right to want more. Now join the Libertarian Party to put the individual back into politics.


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