Tara Young

Southern Area Coordinator

Tara has been a libertarian since 2016.  True freedom through self-ownership and fighting state overreach, along with a nod on the Austrian school of economics, were all some of the initial factors that drew her into the party and to become involved to a greater degree.  She loves being part of this group of “radicals” of all types with one common cause-to fight for freedom against the controlling empire which is called the government.

Tara lives in the city of Norco (AKA Horsetown USA) in Riverside County and is active within her community.  She is a member of EDAC (Economic Development Advisory Committee), which is an appointed position by the city council.  Tara is a licensed roofing contractor and owns a small farm, Taveli Ranch.  Agriculture is a pillar of the community of Norco, where she is a part of the small farm revival and hopes that the movement will bring agrotourism to the city.  She is extremely passionate about providing healthy, organically grown food to her family and the community.  She is mother to one spunky daughter, Sophia, as well as almost 100 animals (both farm and domestic).  Her hobbies and interests include traveling, visiting Disneyland and Disneyworld, farming, animal caretaking, enjoying a good cup of coffee, cruising on her golf cart, salsa dancing, makeup artistry, and design arts. 

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