Richard Fast

First Alternate

A California native and teacher by profession, Richard Fast has been involved with the Libertarian Party of California since 2011. He served as Acting Secretary of Alameda County before going out of state for college. In 2013, while a student at Loyola University New Orleans and a Research Assistant for Prof. Walter Block, he served two terms as Secretary and then Vice Chair of the New Orleans LP affiliate. While studying Austrian School economics, he was the Founder and President of College Libertarians at Loyola, the first of its kind in the city. After moving to Alabama to enter a Master’s program in Economics, he started a county affiliate from scratch, setting a record for the fastest growing affiliate in the state composed entirely of Troy University students. At the 2019 Libertarian Party of Alabama state convention, he was presented with the Libertarian Party Rosa Parks Award for his outstanding activism and dedication. While at Troy, he created a second College Libertarians organization which made the local paper for introducing the campus community to third party politics. Since moving back to California, he most recently served as Vice Chair and then Acting Chair of the 2020 LPC Platform Committee and is looking to help coordinate and strengthen the Bay Area county committees. When he’s not fighting for liberty, he enjoys travelling, hiking, and learning languages.

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