Kenneth Brent Olsen


Dr. Kenneth Brent Olsen in a clinical psychologist practicing in California. His professional theoretical interests are in Jungian analysis and Rankian psychology. He lives in Hanford, California, with his wife Jillian, and their son. He is a father of five, step-father of two, and grandfather of two. He is the Secretary for Heart of Hanford, a non-profit organization dedicated to finding free market solutions to restoring downtown Hanford. He is the Lawspeaker and a Goði of the Vaknir Kinnish Commonwealth, and is the founder of the group Heathens 4 Liberty. He has been active in the Libertarian Party since 1996 when he ran for Salt Lake County Commissioner in Utah. He organized the Libertarian Party of Kings County in 2016 and previously served as Chair of the Libertarian Party of Kings County. He served until April 7, 2019, as the last Northern Vice Chair for the Libertarian Party of California and was elected on April 7, 2019, as the Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of California. He has also been the Region 4 Alternate to the Libertarian National Committee since May 5, 2018. He is also the Campaign Manager for the Kalish Morrow for Hanford City Council District B 2020 campaign.

Contact Information

(559) 960-3613