Jon Prosser

Central Area Coordinator

Inspired by the activists and leaders he met at the 2018 LPC Convention, and dissatisfied with the tribalism and disingenuity that characterizes the current state of American politics, Jon Prosser decided it was time to get off the sidelines and take action.

Jon’s political organizing began when he worked to re-establish an LP presence in Tulare County, and he continues to replicate the process throughout the region. In addition to these efforts, he has served the state party on several working committees. During the 2020 campaign season, he lent his hand as a field volunteer supporting two winning races (one internal and the other for public office).

Jon remains committed to his personal mission to guide the Libertarian Party and the broader ‘liberty movement’ into a force that can deliver the final blow to the two-party stranglehold. He is optimistic that this can be accomplished with an approach that combines the brain of a business with the heart of an artist.

Jon’s professional background covers accounting/ finance in the food and crop production industry. He holds a Business Management degree from Fresno Pacific University. He has two daughters. Jon likes to spend his time traveling, playing music, philosophizing, and dreaming of ways to affect cultural and electoral change.

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