Jia Christopher

Northern Area Coordinator

Jia Christopher is a lifelong activist, who was born with a natural libertarian spirit.  For Jia, being a mom comes first, which means instilling her family’s core values of integrity, volunteerism, and self-sufficiency into her 3 children. 

In order to model these libertarian values, she has vowed to dedicate her time and additional resources to serving as an advocate for self-ownership and now as the Northern California Area Coordinator to the Libertarian party.

Her goal is to teach her children that when they encounter a problem, it is their duty to fix it.  

Jia is currently the chairwoman to the Libertarian Party of Placer County. In this role, she regularly volunteers in high schools with voter outreach efforts to introduce the concepts of liberty to kids; as well as organizing events, such as the Sacramento Pride Parade and the Jo Jorgensen presidential rally in Northern California. 

Jia is also a long-time seasteading enthusiast and ambassador to The Seasteading Institute; hoping to test her libertarian ideologies of self-governance on floating islands called seasteads, in the near future.

Beyond politics, Jia is involved in many non-profit fundraising efforts, including the Children’s Tumor Foundation as well as her own foundation, Neve’s Gift, benefiting parents of infant-loss.  

When Jia is not out making her mark on society, you’ll find her in an apron over a hot stove, cooking up something tasty for #JoesLunch, sipping from a glass of wine, with a baby (or a dog) on her hip. 

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