Dawn Brosius

Second Alternate

Dawn Chilton Brosius has resided in Riverside County for three decades, and has been a libertarian-at-heart since childhood. Dawn was born and grew up in Orange County, Ca. Dawn has been a registered Libertarian and California party member for five years. She is the secretary of her county party/affiliate, and has been active in it for about five years. The Hewitts encouraged her libertarian inclinations, activism and membership around the time she was fighting for a repeal of CA SB 277 (Dawn has always loathed the idea of mandatory vaccination). Dawn is also a member of the Libertarian Party of the U.S.A.

Dawn earned a B.S. in Business Finance (1981), a Master’s in Psychology in 1991, and Juris Doctor (law doctorate) in 2004. Dawn has worked in accounting and finance, psychology, social work, and teaching. Dawn retired from social work in 2000 to go back to law school. Although Dawn never practiced law, she used that knowledge in conducting family business, with respect to real estate and other investments. During law school, Dawn became interested in researching matters related to the U.S. Constitution, and she still enjoys that research to this day (focusing on civil rights). Dawn is a widow (lost her husband of 35 years in early 2019) and has a twenty-three-year-old daughter (and the proud grandmother of four grandcats). Dawn’s other interests include new thought philosophy, researching libertarian philosophers, gardening (growing one’s own food), and healthy, clean eating (living a healthy lifestyle).

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