2018 LPC Convention

The Future of the Libertarian Party of California!

April 27 – 29, 2018

Long Beach Marriott

4700 Airport Plaza Dr, Long Beach, CA 90815


Our annual California Libertarian Convention, hosted in Long Beach California, brings together the brightest, freedom-loving, politically-engaged Libertarians from across the state. Join us as we discuss the future of the Libertarian Party in California.


Date April 27 – 29, 2018
Venue Long Beach Marriott 4700 Airport Plaza Dr Long Beach, CA 90815 View hotel
Location 22 miles from LAX 24 miles from Downtown Los Angeles 1 mile from Long Beach Airport View Map
Contact info@ca.lp.org

The full list of speakers, their bios, and the event schedule can be found below.


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Our host hotel this year is the Long Beach Marriott

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Spanning three days and covering dozens of exciting topics, our speakers will keep you engaged, educated, and inspired.This schedule is tentative and is subject to change. Speakers will be added to the schedule once it’s been finalized.
Author, “Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed and What We Can Do About It”

Judge James Gray

Judge Gray received his Juris Doctor Degree from the University of Southern California in 1971 and practiced law in both the public and private sectors until being named to the Santa Ana Municipal Court in 1983. Judge Gray was the 2012 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate.
Potential Supreme Court nominee under candidate Gary Johnson

Tom Campbell

Dean Tom Campbell is an American academic, educator and former politician. He is currently a Professor of Law at the Dale E. Fowler School of Law, and a Professor of Economics at the George Argyros School of Business and Economics, at Chapman University. Mr. Campbell is a former Republican US Congressman from California, and former member of the California State Senate.

Nicholas Sarwark

Nicholas Sarwark was first elected as chair of the Libertarian National Committee in June 2014, and is serving his second term as chair after being re-elected in 2016. Born in 1979, Sarwark is an unabashed, second generation Libertarian with a strong commitment to fighting on the party’s behalf against unfair ballot access obstacles and exclusion of qualified candidates from public debates.

Larry Sharpe

Larry Sharpe is an American business consultant and political activist. He was a Libertarian candidate for Vice President in 2016. He is founder and Managing Director at NeoSage. He is running for Governor of New York state in 2018.

Sophia Cope

Sophia Cope is a Staff Attorney on the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s civil liberties team, working on a variety of free speech and privacy issues. She has been a civil liberties attorney for over a decade and has experience in both litigation and policy advocacy. Her writing has appeared in the New York Times, Guardian, Slate, and Huffington Post.

Governor William Weld

Governor William Weld is an American attorney, businessman, and politician who was the 68th Governor of Massachusetts from 1991 to 1997. He was the Libertarian Party’s nominee for Vice President of the United States in the 2016 election, sharing the ticket with Gary Johnson. Johnson and Weld were together the first presidential ticket since 1948 to consist of two state governors.

Matt Welch

Matt Welch is editor at large of Reason, the libertarian magazine of “Free Minds and Free Markets.” He served as Reason’s editor in chief from 2008-2016. He is co-author, along with Nick Gillespie, of the 2011 book The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What’s Wrong With America, which Tyler Cowen called “the up-to-date statement of libertarianism.” Welch also wrote the 2007 book McCain: The Myth of a Maverick.

James Peron

James Peron is the president of the Moorfield Storey Institute and previously worked with the Pacific Research Institute, the Free Market Foundation of Southern Africa, the Institute for Free Enterprise in Berlin and others. He is past president of Laissez Faire Books and runs Fr33minds.com a libertarian bookstore. He has written for the Wall Street Journal (Europe), Reason, Liberty, Libertarian Review, Inquiry, the Register, the Johannesburg Star, Auckland Herald and numerous other papers. He is author of LIberty Reclaimed; Exploding Population Myths; Die, the Beloved Country?; Zimbabwe: The Death of a Dream; Within Reason: Esssays onObjectivism, Ayn Rand and Christianity; City Limits, and other books.

Ed and Alicia Clark

Alicia Garcia Clark was chair of the Libertarian National Committee from 1981 to 1983. She married Ed Clark in 1970. Ed Clark, active in the Libertarian Party since its founding, was the Libertarians’ 1980 presidential candidate. Along with running mate David Koch, he received nearly a million votes, 1% of the total. Clark was also the 1978 Libertarian Party of California gubernatorial candidate, receiving 5.5% of the vote. Clark was the son of a Massachusetts judge. He graduated from Dartmouth in 1952, was a Navy gunnery officer during the Korean War, and graduated with a law degree from Harvard in 1957. He then joined a Wall Street law firm and specialized in antitrust law. In 1970, Clark married Alicia Garcia Cobos, a textile executive born in Mexico, who was the Chair of the Libertarian National Committee from 1981 to 1983.

Brando Eaton

Brando Eaton was born in Los Angeles, California where he was raised as an only child by a single mother. Bitten by the acting bug early, he started doing plays at the age of five and continued throughout high school. After graduation he decided to pursue acting as a career, working day jobs until landing his first job on Nickelodeon’s ZOEY 101. Since then he has continued to work in film and television including CSI, The Mentalist, Secret Life of the American Teenager, Dexter and Alvin & the Chipmunks 2. Brando is the director of the documentary, I Am Gary Johnson which features compelling footage from the 2016 Johnson/Weld campaign and candid, post-election interviews with political insiders, Johnson/Weld staff, and former candidates Gary Johnson and Bill Weld.

Avens O’Brien

Avens O’Brien is a 2nd generation libertarian activist, former Vice Chair of the LPNH, and current Los Angeles Chapter Leader of Ladies of Liberty Alliance. She has volunteered on LP campaigns both local and presidential since 2004, and is an active social media personality, writer, podcast guest and speaker. Her work can be found on http://avens.me.

Jim Turney

Jim Turney is a long time Libertarian who served as LNC Chair from 1985-1987. In 2017 he ran, unopposed, for the Altamonte Springs City Commission, which is located in Florida and was elected to a 2-year term that will end in 2019.

Melinda Pilsbury-Foster & Danile (Brock) D’Avignon

Strategic Solutions for Freedom Achieved through the Free Market and at a Profit – How the free market can be used to inject strategic solutions allowing people to choose freedom.
This plan identified disparate elements to be utilized in war for a non-violent displacement of the present governmentally and corporately controlled economy. In this way, we enable a rapid transition to a free market empowering local people in communities to achieve the opportunities inherent through cooperation.

Maxine Doogan

Maxine is a lifelong whore, trained the fine art of providing erotic services in the underground economies. A politics and social justice expert for the #whorenation, she has a background in the wrong end of the law, adult advertising, media whoredom and spent time traveling for work across the US and internationally. Her organizations include the Erotic Service Providers Union, a labor rights approach to prostitution, Erotic Service Providers Legal, Education and Research Project which heads up the historic constitutional challenge to the anti-prostitution law in California and Community United For Safety and Protection, (CUSP) Alaska’s current and former sex workers, sex trafficking victims and allies working towards the safety and protection for all in Alaska’s sex trade.

Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw is a local free speech activist, and chairman of the San Fernando Valley Libertarian Party. His content is featured on various libertarian outlets, and he is Director of Journalism at Think-Liberty.com. He is currently engaged in federal litigation to fight unconstitutional free speech codes on California community college campuses.

Daniel Fishman

Daniel Fishman was born in Berkeley, CA which and says that many people think that explains everything about him. He has lived in Beverly Massachusetts and has ran twice for federal office. He is currently running for Massachusetts State Auditor. He is a member of the National Libertarian Party and the Political Director of the LPMA. He was heavily involved in the 2016 Johnson/Weld campaign and is featured in the Documentary, I am Gary Johnson.


Spanning three days and covering dozens of exciting topics, our speakers will keep you engaged, educated, and inspired.This schedule is tentative and is subject to change. Speakers will be added to the schedule once it’s been finalized.

*Dates, times, and details are subject to change. Please return often for the latest updates.

Business Room Speaker Room Lunch Room Banquet Room Outside Patio
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM Platform Committee Meeting
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM Early Registration and Set-Up
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM Pre-Reception
7:00 PM Reception with guest speakers
7:15 PM Welcome by Mimi Robson
7:45 PM Larry Sharpe
8:00 PM Janine DeRose (On behalf of Chris Rufer)
9:00 AM-10:00 AM Welcome by Ted Brown and Keynote Speaker Jim Gray
10:00 AM-11:00 AM Credentials Report Adopt Agenda Officer Reports Maxine Doogan Sex Workers at the Front of Free Speech for Everyone!
11:00 AM-12:00 PM James Peron Allies No More: Why conservatives are not our friends or allies
12:00 PM- 1:30 PM Buffet Lunch LNC Chair Forum Moderated by Jim Turney
1:30 PM -2:30 PM Platform Committee Report Daniel Fishman Life, Love and Libertarianism
2:30 PM- 3:30 PM Sophia Cope The Legality of Border Searches of Personal Electronic Devices Strategic Solutions for Freedom Achieved through the Free Market with Melinda Pilsbury-Foster & Brock D’Avignon
3:30 PM- 4:00 PM
4:00 PM – 5:30 PM General Reception
6:00 PM- 6:30 PM Coctail Hour
6:30 PM- 7:30 PM Governor Candidate’s Debate
7:30 PM- 10:00 PM Banquet to Support the Candidate Support Committee
9:00 AM-10:00 AM Keynote Speaker Nick Sarwark
10:00 AM-11:00 AM Credentials Report Elections (Fill open officer seats, 5-At-Large, 2-Alternate At-Large, Judicial Committee, LNC Rep and LNC Delegates)
11:00 AM-12:00 PM
12:00 PM- 1:30 PM Buffet Lunch Governor Weld Moderated Q&A with Matt Welch
1:30:00 PM -2:00 PM Bylaws Committee Report Endorsement of Candidates Resolutions Elected Officials Panel Jeff Hewitt, Susan Marie Weber, and Jim Turney
2:00 PM- 2:30 PM 2018 Candidate Forum
2:30 PM- 3:30 PM Avens O’Brien Playing Nice on the Internet
3:30 PM- 4:30 PM Kevin Shaw The State of Censorship: An Analysis of Free Speech on College Campuses
4:30 PM- 5:00 PM