Ricky Estrada

Mayor of Menifee

The country needs a voice for the silent majority in the country, from the youth to seniors, and I will bring that new blood to government. I will bring fresh, and innovative ideas for the city of Menifee. As part of the city of Menifee’s future generation, I want to bring an empowering voice to every citizen with an extensive door to door and personal outreach campaign, as politicians have lost touch. The country is always changing, but our core foundation based on the constitution always needs protection.

I will push for the city of Menifee:

  1. Less taxes, and more dependability on non-taxpayer revenue
  2. Appreciation for the open Menifee landscape, and more hiking trails
  3. Reduction in traffic congestion, and creating a city managed “Menifee Trolley system”
  4. Less government, and more emphasis on constitutional freedoms

We all deserve a government which puts the power in every citizens hands. I hold an oath to always bring forth policies which empower every individual’s self destiny, love thy neighbor, and uphold the constitution. In God We Trust.