Michael Noguera

Atwater City Council District 1

“For the People, not government”

I am Michael Noguera, and I am running for the Atwater city council, District 1. I am a sixteen-year Atwater resident, husband, father of three, and a homeowner. After graduating from high school, I attended California State University Stanislaus. From there, I went to University of La Verne College of Law. I became an attorney, and came back home to help my community. I currently practice law in the county of Merced.

I want to join the city council to help the members of my community. If elected, my focus would be on reducing or preventing high taxes on the residents, cutting red tape for businesses, and promoting activities for our youth to participate in to prevent unhealthy or negative life choices. My solution would be to market the city for more businesses to come to our area. More business means more revenue to help pay for services provided by the city, rather than continually seeking to raise taxes on the residents. People are tired of the government wanting to raise taxes on them.

I would also focus on preserving the downtown area, like other small communities. This would help make the downtown attractive for visitors, to stop and shop at the little mom-and-pop stores in our area. Making sure businesses succeed, leads to the creation of more jobs or preserving existing jobs, which in turn helps our local economy.

Atwater is my home. It is my community. I want to see it thrive.

Vote Michael Noguera for District 1.

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