John Inks

2018 Candidate for Mountain View City Council

I served as Mayor on the Mountain View City Council in 2013, and on the City Council, Parks and Recreation Commission, and the Environmental Planning Commission from 2002 to 2008. As a resident since 1975, I would like to again serve the Mountain View Community.

My general approach to fiscal and regulatory policy is more measured compared to other policymakers. Any new ordinance, tax, fee, mandate or restriction should have a purpose, solve a problem, and support objective policy and economic analysis and objectives.

I would like to work on Council to improve the community development planning processes and expand opportunities to increase the supply of housing in the city generations to come. Precise plans take years to develop and cost millions of dollars for consultants staff time and ultimately can be very specific. More concise and focused planning should provide more flexibility in development because of the dynamic nature of the markets, and evolution of community and development needs.

I will continue my previous work helping residents and businesses in dealing with City matters pertaining to transportation, building regulations, trees, fences, signage, etc.!

The City is currently realizing historic and very large budget surpluses. Nine percent sales tax, escalating land values and an unprecedented robust economy have ballooned City sales and property tax revenues that will allow us to address the concerns all of us have by implementing solutions, not more staff.

I bring a reasoned, well researched and analytical approach to Council. I am a strong advocate for taxpayers, residents, and businesses. I will defend your civic and property rights and protect your tax dollars.

Contact Information

(650) 941-4167