Jeff Schwartz

Thousand Oaks City Council - At Large

Jeff Schwartz is the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Ventura County. He first joined the Libertarian Party approximately 1990. This is his first run for elected office.

Jeff has had a career in advertising, media, and public health, and he currently is transitioning to starting a new business venture. He has been very active in local community politics for the past two years. He has been extremely active in local medical freedom activism, and has forged relationships with many local freedom and conservative political activists.

Jeff is running in a race for three open seats. There are expected to be a total of eight other candidates in this race: two incumbents seeking re-election, three candidates endorsed by the religious right, and three candidates likely to be endorsed by the Democrats.

Jeff is actively involved in the community, and plans to reach out to the Rotary Club, the Chamber of Commerce, and other prominent community organizations.

He also has a campaign YouTube channel and a campaign Facebook page, both of which can be accessed via his campaign website.

Jeff has a campaign bank account and is capable of accepting online donations via his website.