Jamie Dluzak

State Senate District 9

During his teaching years Jamie taught citizenship to Latino immigrants in Berkeley, GED to ex-convicts at the Men of Valor Academy and the Salvation Army in Oakland, and writing skills to laid off NUMMI autoworkers in Fremont.  For seven-plus years Jamie worked as an itinerant instructor and in that time he realized that the problems that we all want solved can never be solved by government.

What Jamie saw on the streets and what he heard in his classrooms inspired him to assume the self initiative to make a difference by his own effort.  In 2016, he established a sole-proprietor publishing business called the East Oakland Times.  The intent of Jamie’s effort was the “empowerment of the East Oakland citizen.”  Under the pseudonym “Tio MacDonald,” Jamie began by creating a “zine” called “Rehabilitation” (newsarticlehere) that consisted of short stories, poems, and essays by 11 men housed at San Quentin.  In time, Jamie created a series of biographical books called the “My Crime” series.  As stated in the introduction of the series:

Jamie Dluzak is inspired and down to earth.  He understands the real life pains and frustrations of citizens that don’t live in the hills but walk the flat lands.  He is gifted in having had a broad life experience and cherishes the ever important search for meaning.  To the citizens of District 9 and beyond Jamie pledges to create unity in our communities.