James Just

State Assembly District 7

I’m running to give the voters of Assembly District 7 a choice for something new- an opportunity to have one of their own in office. I’m not a career politician, but like so many of the voters in my district, I am a blue-collar man that has been victimized by career politicians. I know the struggles of the working class, I know the horrible impacts that policies implemented by the legislature have on taxes, criminal justice, and cost of living. I’m campaigning to be a man of the people, and for the people.

If elected, I want to do what I can to help get government out of people’s lives, to make them freer to do what they need and want to do. I also want to increase government accountability and transparency, both for my own office if elected, but also for the criminal justice systems and government agencies. The people can’t hold government accountable if they don’t know what its doing; and I believe that more and more frequent town halls, ease of access to government officials and records, and fewer immunity mechanisms to protect wrongdoers. I also want to help remove restrictions on the economy and zoning to help increase job availability and increase the quality of life in California neighborhoods.