Honor “Mimi” Robson

2018 Libertarian Candidate for the 70th California State Assembly District

Honor Robson was the Libertarian Candidate for California’s 33rd State Senate District in 2016 and with very little time, money or name recognition she garnered almost 50,000 votes (22%) in the November General Election. Although she didn’t win she was able to make a strong showing and is planning to build on that success in her campaign for the 70th District California State Assembly seat. Honor has always been involved in her community and she knows that when she’s elected to the State Assembly she will have the opportunity to bring a fresh viewpoint to the legislature. As a Libertarian she is in a unique position to work with members on both sides of the traditional “aisle”. She will take advantage of this by bringing the voice of her community and leveraging it into policies that will better the economic and educational climate and improve the state’s failing infrastructure. She will bring practical and logical Free Market solutions which will give all Californians the opportunity to thrive without government intervening in all aspects of their lives. Please support her and bring Honor to Sacramento!

Contact Information

6285 East Spring Street, #520, Long Beach, CA 90808
(562) 294-1962