Bob Karwin

Menifee City Council District 1

Bob Karwin is an attorney who has been a registered Libertarian since 2004. In 2008, he made national news when he was asked by the party to draft and file a federal court injunction against a Presidential Forum at California’s Saddleback Church, which excluded LP candidate, Bob Barr. Bob has served on the City of Menifee Planning Commission for 5 years  and is running to fill the City Council seat that will be vacated in 2020 by the termed out Councilor, Greg August.

“I believe that government should be held to its limited, but very important functions: Public Safety and Facilitating Commerce.  My campaign will focus on making sure our new police department does its job to protect our citizens from crime. We will also make sure that the roads are properly maintained and managed so our citizens can get where they need to go. Finally, we will promote new business in town to give Menifee’s entrepreneurs the opportunity to support themselves and for the rest of the citizens to have access to a wide variety of goods and services.”

Menifee’s District 1 has over 25,000 residents, so winning this election would be a major step forward for the Libertarian Party. Bob would appreciate your support to take the campaign to victory.