Azadeh Weber

Saratoga Union School District Board of Trustees

My name is Azadeh Weber and I am running for Saratoga Union School Board 2020. If elected to school board I would like to support school vouchers to provide families with greater choice when it comes to their childrens’ education. School vouchers will create a competition for funding, whereas public schools will naturally step their game up. As a board member, I would pursue common sense education and would encourage classic literature for character development, liberty gardens to contribute to the school lunch program, mental health campaigns, safety programs and community involvement through social volunteering. I would like to extend some homeschooling options that were instituted during the government shut down for COVID-19 to supplement in person schooling, so as children may benefit from Computer Assisted Learning that personalizes education to their ability.

Contact Information

21764 Congress Hall Lane Saratoga, CA 95070