Author: Marvin Byrd

Candidate Statements 2020

Check out our 2020 California candidates for office.  We’ve asked each of them to provide a short candidate statement for fellow Libertarians to learn more about what they want to accomplish if elected.  Statements are provided for those candidates who submitted them before the deadline of January 25, 2020. An “*” denotes a partisan election….

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Zoning is the Problem

by Michael H. Wilson, September 2019 The increased costs, monetary and otherwise, associated with zoning restrictions falls most heavily on the lowest end of the income spectrum. Thursday, September 19, 2019 On February 14, 2008, a Seattle Times article showed that almost 45 percent of the price of a home was to cover the costs…

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US Debt: The Reason Why You Can’t Get Ahead

by Marvin Byrd – LPC, December 2019 Ever wonder why no matter how hard you work it feels impossible to get ahead? People will tell you, it is all up to you, that it’s because of your spending habits, and lack of hard work and sacrifice. This, of course, is true, but the environment that…

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