Cover art of "The Declaration of Independents"The Libertarian Party of California is pleased to add an exciting new book, The Declaration of Independents, to its list of thank-you premiums. It’s an awesome volume, sure to guide you to a more libertarian future. editor Nick Gillespie and Reason magazine editor Matt Welch offer exciting evidence that U.S. voters are primed to demand libertarian choices in politics. Already, we in the U.S. enjoy custom-designed, personalized, and highly adapted services and devices that help us do all that we do, and this culture of individual personal choice now challenges our longstanding 18th-century political duopoly that’s strangling liberty and progress.

The Declaration of Independents is an entertaining manifesto about government that’s better suited to our future. Notably, the authors show that we today are living in “the libertarian moment.” Gillespie and Welch profile libertarian innovators, identify the villains propping up the ancient regime, and target those do-something-anything government policies that hurt those they claim to protect. Their vision will resonate with a wide swath of frustrated citizens and young voters, born after the Cold War, to whom lingering, outdated cultural prejudices and hang-ups about everything — from hearing a foreign language on the street to gay marriage to drug use — don’t make sense.

Nick Gillespie writes often for the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, and is a regular guest on Fox News. Matt Welch, author of McCain: The Myth of a Maverick, is a frequent contributor to the Los Angeles Times (where he used to work), the New York Post,, and talk radio around the country.”

We’ll mail a copy of this sparkling new book as our thank-you when you donate $50 to the Libertarian Party of California ($75 if you want to include annual membership) by clicking here.